Your Break Glass Questions Answered

Picture of fist breaking glass in emergency

Protect your safety equipment using break glass.

You have seen the signs – “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass”. Breaking real glass sounds dangerous – it is! That is why other solutions have been developed which are safer.

This site is dedicated to exploring these different options so that you can find the solution which will work best for you.

Safeglass (Europe) Limited is a firmly established company employing engineers and workshop staff with over 20 years experience working exclusively with break glass. We have helped many companies to find what they need (see our case studies).

Not sure what type you need for your safety equipment?

Common Emergency Break Glass Materials

Safeglass® is the only material that was specifically designed for this use. It is designed to mimic real glass but breaks safely, making it ideal for safety equipment.

Toughened / Tempered Glass
This is real glass but a lot tougher – nearly impossible to break without help. When it breaks it forms small cubes which are much safer to handle than glass.

A range of plastics with different qualities can be used. These are flexible, durable and often quite cheap. They don’t break very easily but there are ways of getting around this.

Real, Float Glass
Sometimes real glass is still used.

Whether you are looking for a key box cover or for a way to stop vandals from pressing a button, I am sure you will find the answer you are looking for on this website. If not, please Contact Us as I am sure we can help you.

Emergency Glass Replacement
Safeglass could be the answer to your emergency glass replacement requirements. It is the only material specifically designed for emergency break glass.
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