Guide to Covid Secure your Premises

Our guide to covid secure products and how they can make your workplace safer is aimed at giving you ideas for how to get your staff back to work. Below are some of the equipment that you might need to think about.

Social Distancing may be with us for some time.  As businesses slowly re-open, owners will need to assess their work-places and decide how to make them covid-secure.  Here are some things to think about:

  • Where will your physical "furniture" need to be placed to maintain 2m distancing?  This includes desks, service counters, machinery and equipment.
  • How will people flow around the workspace?  You may wish to implement a one-way system or need a 2m queueing system. What staff will supervise this system?  Do you need someone to direct people or will signs be enough?
  • Will some staff come into contact with each other or customers?  With the best will in the word, sometimes we will get a bit closer.  If so, what extra protection will be needed? Perhaps wearing face visors or gloves will reduce infection?
  • Will all staff be 2m apart - is this practical?  If not, sneeze screens could be the answer to create a physical barrier.
  • How will you keep your environment clean?  What do people touch the most and do you need to ensure proper cleaning of these areas, such as door handles, credit card PIN machines, menus?
  • What working practices need to be changed?  We have seen how many of your staff can work from home, can they continue?  Are staggered working hours or limited opening times practical?
  • How will you communicate this to staff and customers?  Talking to staff is easy but consider Social media for publicity and signs in your premises.
  • Before you open your doors, purchase the necessary equipment and install it where you need to. 

Remember, some things will work better than others - review your plans and amend them as you go along. Simple things can make a difference, like having tissues on every desk.

We manufacture some of these products using 3D printing, CNC machining and injection moulding.  If you would ike us to develop something specific, please get in touch with us.  We can also compound our own materials, so if you need something specific, such as anti-bacterial materials, we may be able to help.

Covid Secure Products Guide

Hands Free Door Openers

Face Visors

Sneeze Screens

Face Masks

Ear Savers