Break Glass Updates

There's more to break glass than you might think. That's why we have created this blog - to keep you updated so you don't lose valuable information.

Water on Glass

Water on Glass was a big hit for Kim Wilde.

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Safety Glass

Safety Glass is a generic term for glass which is made to be safer than normal, untreated glass. The most common types are toughened glass and laminated glass.

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Safeglass - About Us

Safeglass (Europe) Limited is the world's leading supplier of break glass products

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Recycled Glass Tiles

Waste glass can be re-used to create recycled glass tiles, a viable alternative to traditional tiles - ceramic, marble etc.

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recycled glass countertops

Clever designers have been able to recycle glass to produce stylish recycled glass countertops for our kitchens.

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How does sound break glass

We’ve all heard about an opera singer breaking a glass with her voice but is it really possible and how does sound break glass?

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Hot Mirror

A Hot Mirror is a piece of glass which has been coated with a special filter. The filter allows visible light to pass through the glass but reflects infrared rays which cause heat to build up.

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Hammer Boxes

Fully assembled hammer boxes for emergency escape from trains or buses.

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glass tubing

Safe glass tubing is used for switch protection in areas such as trains. The switch can be operated in an emergency and the broken Safeglass leaves behind a tell-tale sign that the switch needs maint

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Glass repair

If you chip your windscreen, a glass repair could be the best option and even save you money.

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