Glass breaking songs

There are a few songs written about glass and even about glass breaking.

This page lists information about the songs, the lyrics and how to purchase them.

Our hall of fame starts with the 1978 song by Nick Lowe "I love the sound of Breaking Glass". A blast from the past but a song that has stood the test of time.

Only a year later, we were again treated to a glass breaking song or should that have been a heart breaking one. Blondie gave us "Heart of Glass" in 1979.

Even further back in time, in 1975 Sailor brought "Glass of Champagne" to us. This could be the song to listen to whilst celebrating a special occasion!

Probably one of the more famous songs of recent times is "Walking on Broken Glass" by Annie Lennox in 1992.

If you want something really obscure, look no further than "Judy in Disguise (with Glasses)". This was written as a parody to the Beatles song, "Lucy in the sky with Diamonds".

Which brings us to Glass Onions by the Beatles in 1968. Written by John Lennon, he said that he wanted to confuse the listener with his strange lyrics!

Another obscure one was from Leo Sayer with "Long Tall Glasses" - one to keep you cool in the Summer!

Finally, we end with "Water on Glass" by Kim Wilde in 1981. Remember that one?

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