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Glass has been around for centuries and is one of the oldest man - made materials. The history of glass is therefore a long story.

Glass Making, Properties & Recycling

Glass making follows quite a simple procedure but it is complicated by the high temperatures involved. Pilkington Glass invented and developed modern, large scaled glass production technigues. Large scale production plants are highly controlled and constantly produce glass. There are still a few small scale glass producers who make specialised products. The UK glass industry produces about 4m tonnes of glass per year.

There are many properties of glass which makes it a versatile product suitable for myriad different uses. These properties can be changed or enhanced by, for example, adding other material to the raw glass mixture or coating the finished product.

Have you ever asked the question, "How does sound break glass"? Glass is one of the few materials where sound vibrations can break it.

Glass recycling is particularly possible. It can be recycled again and again without losing any quality. New glass is only required to keep up with growing demand and because some glass is never collected and put back into the system. Glass is not the only product that can be made.

Recycled Glass Tiles and Recycled Glass Countertops are both examples of other products which re-use glass at the same time as achieving stylish and modern finishes.

Miscellaneous glass information

Have you have ever wondered about the tradition of the Jewish Break Glass ceremony at weddings? It is symbolic and another one of these wonderful parts that the bride and her mother will organise on the exciting lead up to the wedding.

Another piece of interesting glass information is how the Faraday cage principle applies to glass. This is a way of insulating an area within the glass from electro magnetic interruption.

Some people have becoming increasingly worried about plastic baby feeding bottles. Here we provide information for you to decide whether plastic or glass baby bottles is best for your family.

If you have ever wondered what to do about a glass chip on a windscreen (glass repair or replace) , read this article.

Types of Glass

There are lots of types of glass available. Of particular interest are Pyrex Glass, Safety Glass, Laminated Glass and Toughened Glass. Insulated glass windows are very popular for improving our carbon footprints and to save us money on energy.

Glass is a particularly good material for storing many chemicals which could effect other materials. Glass vials are used to store small quantities of such chemicals.

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