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Safeglass Information
Safeglass for Trains
Safeglass for Bus

Emergency Equipment

Break Glass Station

Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass Break Glass
How Toughened Glass is made


Plastics in Break Glass


Processing and Finishing

Case Studies

Case Study Menu
Emergency Door Release
Multi-material Emergency Door Release
Emergency Access
Man Hole Cover
Traction Interlock Switch


General information on Mirrors
Glass Mirrors
Plastic / Safety Mirrors
Hot Mirrors
Cold Mirrors
Front Surface Mirrors
One-Way Mirrors


General information on Borosilicate
Rods and Tubes
Fresnel Lenses

Glass General Information

Glass Information Menu
History of Glass
Glass Making
Properties of Glass
How does sound break glass?
Recycling Glass
Recycled Glass Products
Pilkington Glass
Recycled glass tiles
Recycled glass worktops
Windscreen Repair
Breaking glasses at Weddings
Faraday Cage Principle and Glass
Plastic vs Glass baby bottles
Pyrex Glass
Safety Glass
Laminated Glass
Toughened Glass
Insulated Glass
Glass Vials

Glass Art & Design

Glass Art & Design Menu Page
Stained Glass
Faux Stained Glass
Beveled Glass
Etched Glass
Cracked Glass
Fused Glass
How to cut glass
Glass Slipper
Glass Awards & Trophies
Recycled glass countertops

Drinking Glasses

Drinking Glass Menu
Plastic Glassware
Wine Glass
Beer Glass
Shot Glass

Glass Songs

Glass Breaking Songs
I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass. By Nick Lowe
Heart of Glass By Blondie
Glass of Champagne By Sailor
Walking on Broken Glass By Annie Lennox
Judy in Disguise with Glasses By John Fred and his Playboy Band
Glass Onions By The Beatles
Long Tall Glasses By Leo Sayer
Water on Glass By Kim Wilde

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