Specialist Glass - Ceramic Cookertops, Dichroic Filters, Anti-Reflective and Much More

If you are looking for ceramic cookertops, Optivex, Crown Glass Lenses or other specialised glass, we may be able to help you. Our range includes:

Ultra Violet (UV) Blocking Glass

UV radiation can be a big concern. It causes some pigmentations to degrade, the result being faded fabrics such as carpets and furniture.

Special coatings can be applied to glass to filter out up to 99.5% of UV. This can reduce the damage to fabric.

Anti-Reflective Glass

Special coatings can be applied to glass so that more of light is allowed through the glass and less is reflected. It is commonly used in spectacle lenses and in picture frames. It is also used in telescopes and shop fronts.

Ceramic Glass

Ceramic glass can withstand very high temperatures and is used for ceramic cookertops. After manufacture, the glass is allowed to cool and is then re-heated. This causes it to partially crystallize. It can be made nearly transparent or be coloured. The cookertop is very strong but is prone to scratching and will break if a heavy object is dropped on it.

Neutral Density Filters (NDF)

An NDF is used to reduce light intensity evenly. It is used in photography to reduce blurring caused by movement, such as when photographing a waterfall.

Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Coated Glass

ITO Coated glass makes it highly resistant to chemicals and is electrically conductive. It is often used for conducting glass, de-icing applications, display technologies and for microscope slides.

White Crown Glass

White crown glass is manufactured with high quality additives, such as potassium oxide, to obtain excellent optical properties. The glass is white and particularly clear.

Coloured Glass using Dichroic Filters

Dichroic filters allow certain colours to pass through the glass whilst reflecting other colours. They can also be used to reflect infrared rays (heat) whilst allowing visible light through - this prevents over-heating on the other side of the glass. Dichroic filters are used in some architectural applications as well as for theatrical lighting.

These are just some of the specialist glasses we can supply in a range of sizes. Please contact us with details of your project.

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