Glass Like Alternative to Break Glass

If you need a glass like alternative to real glass then look no further to find them.

In this case study, the client wished for a glass like material to help to prevent access to restricted areas.

Project Background: The client wished to restrict access to an area except in an emergency. A break glass panel already existed, but it was difficult to replace the glass when it broke.

The Brief: The client wanted a break glass that was held in place in such a way as to make it easier to replace when it broke. In addition, it had to be clear so the handle could be seen beyond the glass. The existing frame and structure had to be utilised.

The Solution: The part needed a complete re-design so that it could easily be replaced. A number of site visits and samples were required to come up with the right solution. Safeglass® was the preferred material since it was designed for break glass use and is clear.

The Result: After a lengthy trial period, the parts are now to be rolled out.

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