Glass repair or Replace?

Glass normally breaks into so many thousands of pieces that a glass repair is almost impossible. Once it has broken, it has usually gone forever.

There are, however, a few of occasions where a repair is viable and even beneficial.


A small chip on the windscreen is a common enough occurrence but what should you do about it when it happens?

What you must not do is ignore it. The windscreen forms part of the vehicle's structure so any damage can weaken that tructure. It is important to attend to the damaged windscreen as soon as possible.

Many chips are repairable. The advantages of a glass repair are:

1. Cost - it is much cheaper to repair than replace the windscreen. 2. Covered by Insurance - if you have your windows covered by your car insurance policy they will normally pay the full cost of the repair. There is no excess payable and your no claims bonus is not affected. 3. Lifetime guarantee - most repair companies offer a lifetime guarantee on the repair. 4. As good as new - A repair will restore the integrity of the vehicle and is often almost invisible. 5. Time and effort - repairs take less time to carry out than replacing the windscreen and some companies will come to you.

Repair or Replace guide

The decision to repair or replace will depend on the size and location of the chip. It can be repaired if:

1. It is at least 5cm (2 inches) from the edge of the window. 2. If it is NOT in the driver's line of vision, it must be less than 3cm (1 inch) in diameter. 3. If it IS in the driver's line of vision, it must be less than 1cm (quarter inch) in diameter. The line of vision is a strip approximately 30cm wide (12 inches) in front of the steering wheel.

If a chip is left untreated, it could fail an MOT test.


If you have glass which has become scratched, it is possible to polish it to remove them. The polish is not abrasive and does not damage the surrounding area.

For best results, specialised equipment is needed. Home kits will have limited success. One system which comes highly recommended is Sheerforce.

Scratches can be removed from windscreens, doors, mirrors, ornaments, windows and other glass products.

Specialised Repairs

There are specialised glass repairers who will repair glass objects such as stained glass windows. This is a craft and can be costly however, a skilled craftsman will make the repair invisible. Here is the website of one stained glass repairer.

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