What is a Hot Mirror?

A Hot Mirror is a piece of glass which has been coated with a special filter. The filter allows visible light to pass through the glass but reflects infrared rays which cause heat to build up.

This is particularly useful for devices where a heat build up could interfere with performance or cause something to burn out. For example, in fibre optic systems or overhead projectors, hot mirrors can prevent over-heating.

The coating used in most common mirrors is a reflective material such as silver and these mirrors reflect images. In this kind of mirror, infrared is reflected back to the light source.

The amount of heat reduction will depend on the application and the light source.

These mirrors are also used in photography. Infrared and ultraviolet rays can sometimes impair the quality of a picture. By filtering these away, the result can often be enhanced.

The filter itself is known as a dichroic filter and is made up of many layers

If you need hot mirrors for your project, please contact us with the details.

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