Recycled Glass Tiles

Recycled glass tiles are an economic and environmentally friendly way of re-using otherwise waste materials.

Manufacturing these glass tiles is one way of recycling unwanted glass. They provide an alternative to tiles made of traditional materials, ie marble, ceramic or granite. Not only do these tiles reuse redundant glass but they are more energy efficient to produce needing less than half the energy required to produce ceramic tiles.

Glass is a material that does not break down easily and when dumped in landfill sites needlessly contributes to the problem many countries are experiencing in the treatment of waste.

Recycled glass tile manufactures obtain their supplies from a range of sources. The glass can be collected from council refuse depots or they can be obtained directly from window manufacturing companies who naturally have a lot of unused or damaged glass panes.

There are two main methods of treating the glass. One is to crush it into a grainy texture, similar to sand, and mix it with other materials and/or minerals to alter the colour. It is then formed to the shape required. The other method is to melt the glass down in a furnace to its original molten state and then stamp it into whatever shape is required.

The tiles can be used in the same applications as marble, ceramic or granite tiles. They are available in a wide range or colours and can have either a glossy or a matt finish. These tiles are more stain and chemical resistant than porous ceramic tiles and are easily cleaned.

A little more care is required when installing glass tiles. If adhesive is incorrectly applied it can result in marks which are visible through the glass. Probably the best advice would be to employ a tradesman with experience in laying glass tiles.

Glass tiles can be extremely slippery when wet. Extreme caution is therefore required when laying floor tiles. Using smaller tiles will increase the number of grout lines and reduce slipiness. Rubber matting could also help to reduce potential accidents.

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