Benefits of Using a Plastic Mirror

A plastic mirror has very similar optical qualities to a glass mirror. They can be made to function in much the same way as glass mirrors. They do, however, have 3 major and significant advantages over glass:

1. They are much lighter making them easier to handle, cheaper to transport and suitable for applications where weight matters - for example, in transport.

2. They are more durable, stronger and less likely to break. This makes them more suitable in places where they are handled more, such as in schools for experiments.

3. They are much safer. Glass can easily break resulting in shards of glass which can be dangerous. Plastic is less likely to break and if it does, it will not cut people.

The main disadvantage of plastic is that it can easily be scratched. This may reduce its shelf life as over time the optical qualities may deteriorate.

There are 2 main materials used for plastic mirrors - acrylic and polycarbonate. Acrylic is usually cheaper whilst polycarbonate is stronger with better fire/smoke properties.

We can supply different kinds of mirrors:

One - Way mirrors
Front Surface mirrors

Please contact us with details of your project.

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