Recycled Glass Countertops

Clever designers have come up with the idea of making stylish recycled glass countertops for our kitchens from our waste glass.

For a number of years now our councils have been trying to get us to recycle our rubbish and on a whole we are becoming more efficient at it.

Glass is one material that is easily recycled and we would normally think of glass bottles being smashed, melted and reformed into more bottles. That is not always the case.

After collection the glass will be sorted into different colours. It will then be crushed into tiny fragments and mixed with other compounds such as cement, shells or mirror fragments. Once everything is mixed it will be poured into moulds. A curing process will then take place resulting in an extremely hard wearing alternative to granite or marble worktops.

Almost any colour will be possible as all the manufacturer would have to do is select the colour of glass required and mix it with clear glass, varying the mixture depending on the depth of colour required by the customer. These countertops are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

With the addition of an antimicrobial agent you can be assured that the worktop will remain hygienic throughout its life. Unlike plastic these worktops will not discolour, chip or burn. Hot pans can be laid directly onto the surface without causing any damage.

Finally the recycled glass countertop will be polished to a smooth finish. Natural sunlight as well as electric light will cause a twinkling effect on the worktop.

Surely this method of recycling is better then just dropping your used glass bottles and jars in the bin. Not only is it good for the environment but the recycled glass countertops are good to look at as well.

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